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"Don Pablo" Restaurant
Award Winning Restaurant

Homemade Cuisine with Exquisite Pasta

Agistro Serres

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Guest Comments

A wonderful environment, magical atmosphere and music that takes you on a journey to other lands. The food is unique, the recipe is the Costis’ love for what he does.
Thanks for a wonderful evening.
Vayia, Vasilis, Constantinos, Evi, Vasilis, Lia, Kostas


Wonderful food, a relaxing atmosphere, researched cuisine. Thank-you Costis for a wonderful evening.
Vana – Giorgos


An exceptional space, exception food, made by a young person with great care taken…we wish you well.
Sotiria – Apostolos


A fantastic space with wonderful food! From the wonderful atmosphere and the smallest details you can see that care and love taken in everything that is made here! CONGRATULATIONS Costis, we wish you well in your work and thank-you for a wonderful evening!
Stelios – Christina


A truly wonderful surprise – exquisite and well cared for food, the space decorated with taste and very friendly service. You made our evening more beautiful! Thank-you we wish you well guys.
Nikos – Ioanna


We’ll be coming back for sure, I recommend the wonderful wine. Thank-you for the wonderful music. The guys from Crete
Giorgos – Maria – Vasilis – Katerina


And so it is that Agistro holds one more pleasant surprise apart from the famous Hamam. After 20 years of coming to agistro it is the first time that I’ve discovered a place to stay with such good taste and well cared for. The restaurant it a reason to travel to the area.
The atmosphere is exceptional. The jazz really suits it. If smoking was banned you would smell the aromas coming from the kitchen and the gourmet dishes smell delicious and excite the pallet. It’s very encouraging to reach the edge of Greece and see someone who has not only raised the bar to a very high level, but has done so with dignity. A level far higher than the average. It is double joy for me who not only made this discovery but did so on my name day.
Lefteris Plakidos
P.S. I never expected to see something like this in Agistro and the old Hamam when I came for the first time with my friends in the 80s


And so it is that I have found a small oasis in the depths of winter! So close tour Serres town but you feel like you’ve escaped. You come into a microscopic world from another time, different for that of modern society. Different ingredients so wisely combined together, colours that make for a magical atmosphere. Everything you need for a trip. Thank-you for putting us under your spell!
Stefanos – Christina from Chania – Serres


Unique and inspired recipes in an amazing atmosphere. Everything was wonderful. Thank-you. I’ll hope we’ll be back soon.
Vicky – Paschalis Salonica


From the very first moment is was obvious that there was something different and special about this place from the first object to the last.
Our stay was like something from another time, from medieval times. From the time of the knights.
So the food could be nothing but something very special.
Spicy…Magical!!! Distinct flavours from the love and care of Costis – but what really made the difference, something that’s missing nowadays, in the politeness and the positive attitude we were greeted with.
It was an unforgettable experience.
From Kavala. Prodromos – Tania


Friday 22.12.2013
Giorgos – Christina
This is the first time we’ve eaten and our stomachs haven’t felt bloated!!! We had a lovely time!! The wine and the warm soup gave us an appetite for more…
Merry Christmas!!!


Sunday 22/12/2013
Aggeliki – Dimitrios
A simple and light menu but very well cooked and extremely tasty! The space was warm and welcoming. The only thing missing was snow outside the window. Thank-you!
Merry Christmas!


Pavlos – Manolis – Martha – Fenia and the guys. A unique environment wonderfully decorated…the distinct flavours completed the atmosphere! We had a lovely time with a lot of good food and hospitality to both young and old!
We wish you the best in your work and a good effort for a breath of fresh air in the suburbs to bring in people from all over the country! Happy Holiday!
Merry Christmas from us too!!!


Roi – Ilias – Lefteris – Alexia
The environment and the decoration were both waem and friendly. The service and the food were wonderful!!! Thank-you so much we had a lovely time!! We wish you good health, all the best for your work and MERRY CHRISTMAS


Stamatis- Vasilis – Eleni – Elena - Thank-you so much!
The atmosphere and the environment were very warm and friendly, you may us feel at home. The food was wonderful as was the service. We will CERTAINLY be back again more than once.
Happy Holidays


Exceptional work, done with care, all the best.


24-12-2013 Vasilis, Katerina, Nikos, Natasa
Everything was wonderful, dreamlike. The stay, the food and the hospitality were to perfection and in perfect harmony, we have been here two years in a row and each was special! We are dreaming of the upcoming years…the flavours Costis created we have never tasted anywhere else!


This Christmas eve we were taken on a journey to a romantic time and inspired to dream again. A wonderful effort not so much for the architectural atmosphere and the room’s decoration but mainly for the “magical” human state. If reminded us of a phrase by Menandrou “what a wonderful thing a human is when it is human”… as the font of Siloam that purifies and “made” us come back again!!
Christina Stauropoulou.


24/12/2013 The reward for a hard long day is a stay at the very very special guesthouse in Agistro. Thank-you for the wonderful moments!!
Dimitris - Thomais


Costis we are glad we met you and we hope that your creativity can give a positive vision for everyone.
Kindest regards,
Stavros – Odoseas – Ioanna – Aggeliki
Alexodroupoli EVROS for ever


An exceptional job in a very warm and friendly space. The food was wonderful with some original flavours. The rooms are beautifully decorated in a traditional style that takes you back to another time…Congratulations on your work…You can tell everything has been created with great care…From Salonica with love!!!
Thodoris- Despoina


25/12/13 “A warm nest of love in the sweetness and the honey, you will always be coveted and cherished by those looking for a warm smile and nostalgia until we are in your warm embrace again”
Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts. Your friends Lena – Vasilis


Dear Costis
You have created a warm nest with love and care. Rooms of warmth, indulgent flavours and icons of beauty from the soul. Congratulations, well done


We are really impressed with your hotel Mr. Costis, the service was perfect and very friendly1 The restaurant was very warm and had very nice and original flavours! Thank-you for the pleasant hospitality..
Vangelis – Sophia
Babis – Irini from Kilkis


Your restaurant is very atmospheric. The environment relaxes you and at the same time fascinates you. The food is very nice with unique flavours!!! We wish you all the best in your work and success always!!
Vicky – Giorgos (Serres)


May the blessings of Christ enrich your souls and your foundations. Happy New Year. Abraam – Liza


Happy Holidays, let them be beautiful with many creative and unique moments!!!
Christina – Michalis


The cuisine is very good. The environment in beautiful with the ‘right music’! Professional service! Something that stands out in Agistro!!! Happy New Year and keep going like this!
Tania – Costas – Andreas – Asimakis


A fantastic environment, and very good atmosphere, exceptional food and Costis was very friendly.
Happy New Year
Gliatis Christos, Sofroni Maria
P.S. we’ll be back again for sure


Once again you have shown us your professionalism and your Northern Greek hospitality! The space in wonderful, and the food is delicious! Happy New Year!
Dimos – Litsa, Costa Amigdaleonas Kavalas


Amazing flavours, the perfect environment, something that has been missing in Agistro, Serres. Costis thank-you for the perfect place you have offered us.
Babis – Haroula Kalpakidi 26-12-2013


Amazing flavours. Wonderful environment. Warm hospitality.


A beautiful environment warm and quiet, just what is needed for a romantic holiday. Professional service and fantastic flavours. Congratulations on your family business. Have a happy and healthy year. Happy Holidays and we wish you all the best in your work. Kinds regards,
From Trilofo Salonica


Finally it looks like we should have ordered the whole pot of wild boar not just one plate! Everything was wonderful! Have a great year full off health and happiness!
Kavala – Athina
Dimos – Litsa & Costis
Christos – Maria, Babis – Haroula


Giorgos Stellaki
It was the best that we could imagine


This time last year you told us you were opening a restaurant and we couldn’t wait to see what we would eat after the hamam!!! So what did you have? Wild boar!!! Bravo Bravo Bravo even though I’m an animal lover I ate it ALL!!!
Have a good 2014
Girogos & Maria
And Maria ate ALL of her turkey!!!


We started our day thinking of heading to Metsovo for a coffee to meet our friends (who wrote on the previous page Giorgos & Maria) and after an hour’s drive we reached Agistro with our minds on the HAMAM! But now there is a reason for someone to stay here…apart from Costis’ unique rooms, the food is beyond imagination! The tops chefs of Spain & Italy have nothing on you Costis congratulations! The plates were empty in no time at all! We want more!!! Bless you hands!
P.S. we’re waiting for a new start up in Athens!

In your life loneliness is like an wide desert, looking for an oasis to find a little water to quench your thirst. In the caravan line to ask permission to get on to get there in time. In an Eastern bazaar you even want to sell your heart. You want to taste spices, and search to kiss a daughter of the East!
Dedicated to my friend Costis and his crazy flavours.
Yiannis Pantelidis


There are moments that you feel out of time and space and you don’t know where you are in the world. Here we have found the opportunity to be far away from everywhere and especially when you have your birthday it’s the best.
It reminds you of something from old aristocratic central Europe. You have the opportunity to find yourself in a warm environment with exceptional hospitality and polite people.
P.S. the wild boar with the pasta and the wine was amazing.
Heraklis and Basiliki


The environment is exquisite as anyone who comes here will see. The food in incomparable. It’s a surprise to find something like this at the edge of the country. The music/ What can I say about Jazz and Psaradonis. Who can be left unsatisfied? The colours? The space? The service? The kindness? The only thing we can offer to our friend Constantinos is a big thank-you.
We wish for you to continue your dreams with such care, We wish you all the best in your future plans.
Petri Nicolas


At Chateaux Constantin we met a welcoming person, with a cultural opinion and an ecological conscience.
Your restaurant impressed us not only for the environment but also for the flavours.
Happy New Year
Giorgos – Becky


Warm, friendly atmosphere with delicious food and lovely aromas. Unique service! Even though this was our first visit we felt like we were at home. The care taken by our host is reflected all throughout the guesthouse.
Keep on going like this
All the best in your work
Happy New Year
Dimitra and Lazaros


Behalte Weiterhin diese magische Atmosphäre und die fabelhafte Küche ein!! (Keep on going with this magical atmosphere and cuisine as one!)


Exceptional not just for the cuisine but for all of the approach that gives a bold flavour experience to our usual conservative tastes! I wish for your efforts to get responses from all over our country! We’ll be back!
Thodoros Pananestoros
Eleni Abagidou


A new year just began! The food, the decoration and the hospitality of the owner bring to mind words of thanks that describe both the the restaurant and the guesthouse. Our warmest wish for health, creativity far away from negative thoughts and events.
Chateaux Constantin, really is a chateaux of good taste that gladdens the heart.
Happy New Year
Stavros – Katerina


1/1/2014 The food was very nice, the environment and mainly the very careful service. Thank goodness our new year started here and we had such a beautiful time that we hope will continue throughout the year. Happy New Year with Many Successes. Yiannis – Tania


Perfect food, well cooked and in a very nice building, clean rooms and a very sweet cat!!! We would recommend it to everyone!!! Happy New Year!!!
Christos - Katerina – Vasilis


“Life is beautiful, it’s beautiful…” at your guesthouse. A little while ago we heard you say “hold one while I put on a little Sinatra” the restaurant had just emptied and we are the last table left to enjoy the best New Year. To the future, only love.
Thanks for the tipsiness
Christina & Costas


The Macedonia hospitality that we found at “Chateaux Constantin” in spades
Christiana – Nikos




Many congratulations. Keep up your good work
Dimitris – Zoe


Thank-you for the very good food, the politeness and the hospitality. A great start to 2014. Happy New Year from all of us 2-1-2014. Panagiotis – Georgia – Maria – Thanasis, Salonica/Naoussa


A warm and friendly environment. Interesting flavours. A great start to a New Year.
Sotiris and Elena
Athens & Drama


The chateaux is a dream… a special kind of beauty and authentic flavours created in a wonderfully warm homely environment. Costis congratulations!! We hope you have a good and blesses year
Dimitra and Babis
Salonica 2/1/14


We were looking for somewhere to relax. I believe we’ve come to the right place. The space is very nice, good food and especially good service. Thank-you for a lovely evening. All the best in your work and happy new year with health. Apostolos – Christina
2/1/2014. Serres – Salonica


A wonderful atmosphere. A magical place, a warm atmosphere from the candles and the fireplace, the outside lighting was so bright it made you want to come and see the inside. The menu had pasta, a good thing after all the meat over the holidays. We wish you health and a good year. All the best in your work is a good wish for sure, with this menu and the environment you have all of that. Thank-you so much.
Olga – Mixalis – Maria – Vasilis – Nicky – Katerina – Maria


Happy New Year full of flavours and aromas and sounds in this beautiful environment you have created.
Sophia – Gabriel
P.S. We did not expect to find such a beautiful place with such great tastes in the small border town of Agistro 03/01/2014


Thank-you so much for helping us to relax! You have given us so many nice and unique flavours.
From the group from Yainnitsa
Happy New Year and all the best in your work


05/01/14 Happy New Year with wonderful flavours and aromas, like your food!!! Take care of yourself so that you can keep creating, because truly you’re doing it well. Be reassured that we’ll recommend you again and again. You’ve had our immense appreciation for years now!
Gregoris Yianna - Salonica


The hamam, the rooms, the food makes us want to come back again and again. We will make sure we have a date to come back every winter.
Happy New Year with health.
Giorgos – Maria
Zigo – Kavala


A wonderful night with friends combined with Don Pablo restaurant. Congratulations to the magic of the chef and his creations as well as the excellent service.
Happy New Year…
Vasilis – Antigoni


The space, the flavours and the service were excellent…wonderful…amazing. We hope you are always filled with the will to keep creating your dreams Costis.
Happy New Year
We’ll see you again soon.
Petros – Theano


It is true that art is subjective. The flavours and your work, objectively, are special, the result on the pallet and eyes are especially pleasing. I truly hope that you will do what you love and that they fill you with such great joy forever.
Keep finding in Agistro all that your love and that that makes you happy and special!
We true love
Fani – Dionisis – Anna – Aggelos


Everything was wonderful. The portions were large and enjoyable. The environment was calm and relaxing. Perfect for a good meal. No one has come across these special flavours anywhere else. Congratulations to the chef and the rest of the team. We had a lovely experience to remember in this restaurant.
Vasilis and Ioanna


Costis I don’t know if you will read these few lines that I will write. Your guesthouse is wonderful, the aroma that the room has, the calm, the beauty, everything is a paradise. As for the restaurant what can I say? Let’s start with the service, the waiter was wonderfully polite, as for you, the food was wonderful and what moved us was that calm you give off as a person.
A few words,
A lot of love
Stavros – Despoina
Aravissos Yiannitson


The decoration, the lighting, the smells, the sound, the flavours all bound together in harmony and creating an atmosphere that is so special, so homely, that makes you move to the rhythm from the moment you take your first step inside Costis’ world, and stays with you after you leave.
Congratulations of the world you have created. Thanks for the service.
Giorgos – Thaleia


The magical space that includes so many flavours, decoration from another time that unfortunately we can’t live in anymore, a rare environment.
The people inside this space are so warm and with polite feelings. I can’t however forget the old gentleman, so charmingly polite and the cat that is always with him. Should I speak about the flavours, where should I start, what should I say first. The enjoyable flavours that stimulate the pallet. Costis continue in your work so that you can continue creating things that colour our eye with their tastes, and all of our senses.
Thank-you very much
Manoli – Elena


After 3 days in Bulgaria Don Pablo was a paradise. Wonderful and special food in a cared for space with soft music! Friendly and polite staff. We felt like home.
P.S. we were impressed by the carved pumpkin.
Chakiridi Family


January 2014.01.07
In a smooth ambiance with a gentle music warmed up by a cozy fire, definitely you expect an inspiring food experience with fine products and matching wine…
The restaurant is a perfect sample of the hotel around it and its decoration.


Congratulations for your effort! An innovative and beautiful idea for this area! We’ll see you again!!!
Christina, Mary, Apostolos, Nikos, Artemis, Thomas


How to initiate in a better way this new year…Enjoy this local food and the warm welcome of its chef, creator & landlord
Guillaime the Gneomthorp


Random meetings = rare surprises! We feel lucky that we found such a wonderfully warm environment with an exceptional host with visions for the future…and with love for his hometown. We hope to find more people mimicking him, so that everyone can enjoy their hometowns.
P.S. a great surprise and a pleasant one is the quality of the food.
The group from Moudania Halkidikis
Yiannis – Alkinos –Dimitris – Haris, Vasilis – Lydia


Dearest Costi,
Your special hospitality made us come back to Agistro our joy we found that you have created with love and care a very special place, Don Pablo, with the special character you have in everything you do, and everyone can see that quality that unfortunately is missing from our lives…we tasted unique flavours that you handmade on a very special day in our lives that you made unforgettable!!!
Thank-you for the unique moments that you have given us and once again as we leave we promise you we’ll be back…firstly for Costis and then for your beautiful village…
To you and your family we wish good health always
Kindest regards,
Yiannis and Haroula Koutsoukou


Dearest Constantinos,
I feel I must thank you not only for your Greek hospitality and mainly as it is affordable.
You are a spring, a source of light in the steppe and with courage and willpower, the battle is won when everything closes. The world is unstable but logical. But there is light, a lot of light! So much that you can begin again. You have understood after a lot of conversation that people want feelings. They need strength to make the effort. The change of time is at our feet and the only difference is that we don’t know who will make the first step.
Costis the world has changed and we must take the slow steps to make the moves, the changes are huge and the old world has permanently closed. And as always major changes bring major problems. We each learn something everyday.
Have the strength in the name of the people to go one step further.
Good luck and as you are a child of the new, give the stigma of joy and strength of your will
Good luck
Christos Samaras


11/1/14 - The atmosphere is very nice as is the food. Each detail is taken care of exceptional raw materials and lovely dish combinations.
Congratulations on your effort. Yiannis – Stavroula


11/01/2014 - Agistro.
It looks like a village built on the edge of the world… the really brazen invasion of aluminum and granite always said…I’m foreign, illegal. And thus I found, at the edge of the world, a fairytale world, with modern flavours with virgin ingredients, old ingredients…served in an precise way but not unfriendly.
Each corner of this restaurant is filled with the tastes that reach perfection.
With love - Katerina – Alexia – Dimitris


A very nice atmosphere and a very nice environment, as for the food it’s exquisite…each details is wonderful. Congratulations a very good job!!! Katerina – Lazaros


Perfect food. A very good environment we had a wonderful time. Thank-you continue on like this.
The group from Salonica


We only knew about Agistro from its natural springs. Now we have made another discovery, the gastronomic offerings at Don Pablo, this for sure is another reason to visit the area.
But why?
Excellent music!
A feast of flavours!
A wonderful space!
Amazing service!
Congratulations to all!
Eliza – Stella


We wish you to always be healthy so that you can realize your dreams, because they are beautiful dreams and you can tell you execute them with a lot of love and care.
We need this, to both relax us and to fill us.
As for the flavours they are special and unique.
Thank-you for your hospitality.
Yiannis – Nicky


A different environment, different food! We can’t wait til next time. Happy new Year to all
Stelios – Eleni - Christinas – Giorgos


Zbyt bardzo dobre jedzenie, Bardzo dobre wino, bardzo dobre towarzystwo jestze vaz prayjedziemy buziaki
(Too much good food, very good wine, very good company, kisses.)


I feel like I’m in Switzerland, or Vienna or somewhere in Europe but I’m in Serres in Agistro!!! At Costis’!!! words are not enough. Europe is here.
Thank-you so much.
Yolanda Balaoura



Tuesday January 14th 2014
A wonderful meal, out of another time, in combination with the magical atmosphere, that combines wonderfully with the Jazz music!
Thank-you so much we wish you all the best for the new year with health and happiness.
You just found two new fans of your efforts, be well always.
Kinds regards,
Andreas Dragoglou – Maria Daraviga


Tuesday 14.1.2014
A wonderful space with wonderful flavours and beautiful music.
We wish you well in your work and strength in your missions.
Litsa Rizopoulou


Friday 17.01.2014
We passed by by chance, and we said we’d just stop in to have a look. The name Don Pablo roused our curiosity. Finally, we ate, we drank, and we didn’t want to leave. A pleasant environment, nice warm, perfect food. We wish you every success in the future.
Nikoletta and Dimitris


The magic of a wonderful era has found life here…everything is so loveable so peaceful that you forget everything! Everything truly is fairytale like the perfect place to relax and get away and to travel to a nostalgic time!
Thank-you, Jordanis – Katerina


The food was simply perfect
The music relaxing and the drinks fantastic
The perfect combination, simply wonderful.
Girogos – Michalis – Vasilis – Jenny


The food was delicious……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The environment was wonderful….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dimos – Anna


Warm and wonderful service with a very simple human touch. A romantic atmosphere with home cooked food with care and love. Hospitality that wins all hearts.
Despoina – Adonis


17-01-2014 -The food was perfect!
The wonderful environment is beautifully decorated and it takes you to another time. You can be sure we’ll choose you again next time we are around. Thank-you for the wonderful flavours and the warm hospitality!
Yiannis – Kiki


Thank-you for the hospitality and the wonderful food. The music matches perfectly. The traditional environment impressed us and the dishes truly won us over!!!
Be well
Yiannis – Eugenia
P.S. sorry for keeping you up so late! Happy New year.


18/01/2014 - Unique flavours, wonderful decoration. A welcoming environment with music that takes you on a journey.
Thank-you very much!!!
Nikos – Chrissa, Nikos – Dimitra


You’ve asked us to write our opinions in a few lines…but words are not enough. We travelled with the flavours and the pleasant environment to another tiem!! Everything was amazing, taste, aroma, music, decoration, politeness, service. The only thing for sure is that we’ll come back again to relax and to be carefree. Thank-you for everything you’ve offered us.
Kind regards,
Giorgos – Lila
Sabbas – Maria


Everything was perfect! It was unexpected!
Lili – Alkis


After the perfect rooms came the exquisite restaurant, bravo! Perfect food and next time here we will try the pasta with trout!!!


We escaped for 2 days to relax and calm! Our 1st choice was the Agistro hamam! Our random choice was your guesthouse!!!
But finally that’s what will stay will us from our trip!
A warm and beautiful room!
Excellent food with unique flavours!
P.S.1 thanks for the hospitality and for Haroula Alexiou at the end of the night
P.S.2 thank-you to Mr. Dimitriadi who cancelled his reservation and that’s how we ended up here!!!
Penelope – Aphrodite